Davido Tells Nigerians What To Do On Election Day


Nigerian superstar singer Davido has advised fellow Nigerians on how to behave themselves during the Election Day. Notably, the Pop star Davido who is well known for his outspokenness on the country’s political issues urged all well-meaning Nigerians through his social media page to go out in mass and cast their votes while ensuring that they stay safe altogether.

Going  further, he also emphasized the fact that their votes is just their power which is very much needed to propel the country forward.

His tweets tweets read thus:

“Showtime!!! Everyone go out and vote!!! Be safe! Be vigilant! They can’t do anything to you ! Your vote is all the power you need!”

davido tweet

In another tweet, he wrote:

“Everyone go out! A lot of units stared late but as far as you’re in the queue before 2pm they can’t tell you anything! Your vote go count! Whether na 10pm them ready! All man must vote!”

davido tweet


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